Tamil Aruvi - Mr. Nayinai Wijayan 

Vice Chairwoman

Mrs. Sasikala Nayinai Wijayan

Academy Director

Prof. Dr. Kalaimamani Murukesu Navaratnam

Annamalai University 

Doctor of Philosophy in Music (Thanjavur Tamil University) 

(Late) Sangeetha-Pooshanam Shri Selliah Selvaseeralan †

(Annamalai University, Chennai) 

We are totally sad about the loss of Shri Selliah Selvaseeralan Sir. He was a great pillar of the Carnatic Music Industry, especially in Europe. 

His contribution to our association and academy is tremendous. 

We thank him and honor him for his dedication and work from the bottom of our hearts. 

Our heartfelt condolescence to his Family. 

Chief Advisor (Mridangam)

S. Piranavanathan  

(Mridangam Artist and Teacher, A-Grade Artist, Radio Ceylon)


MuthuSwamy Academy of Global Music

MS (Muthuswamy Subbulakshmi) ACADEMY OF GLOBAL MUSIC is a systematic learning academy for research and studying the Carnatic, Western Classical and World Music in Chennai. It offers a variety of courses and caters to the individual needs of those aspiring to study different genres of Music. 

Aarohana - Temple of Aesthetic Fine Arts

Chief Advisor  - Manipallavam Shri Sarangan Kanaratnam

Manipallavam K. Sarangan Hailing from Sri Lanka, Shri Manipallavam Kanakaratnam Sarangan is

one of the leading classical musicians in the UK.

He has drawn his inspiration from his mother

Sangeetha Booshanam Srimathy Thillainayaki who was also his first guru.

His father

Kalabooshanam Subramaniam Kanakaratnam is a poet, writer and speaker. For over 7 years, Shri

Manipallavam Sarangan honed his skills under Pathmasri Sangeetha Kalanithi Palghat K. V.


Tamilischer Kultur- & Wohlfahrtsverein

Der seit 1985 bestehende Tamilische Kultur- und Wohlfahrtsverein Essen e.V. engagiert sich erfolgreich im Bereich der tamilischen (und süd-indischen) Musik, Kultur und Tanz und pflegt den kulturellen Austausch in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Essen, dem Integrationsrat, Immigrantenverbund, Gemeinde Kreuzer und weiteren Vereinen und Organisationen. 

Further Advisors

You Consulting

Advisor Mr. Pabst 


Advisor Mr. S. Sakthitharan

Exam Coordinators

Teacher & Exam Coordinator

Mrs. Raveendrasivam

Exam Coordinator

Mrs. Lingeswaran